Microsoft is aggressively unifying services and platforms in 2015, and one of those appears to be Xbox Video, which is being folded into the Windows Store in Windows 10.

Users who are running the Windows 10 Preview are being notified that 'Movies & TV' now appear in the Store's navigation bar. Tapping the section though brings up an error message, as the sub-section is not yet ready for primetime. Microsoft notes, however, that this area goes live "later this month".

Much like Xbox Video, the Movies & TV section will only be available in certain markets due to licensing deals.

Collapsing the Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox One, Video and eventually Music all into one store is certainly a challenge, but a wise strategy for consumers. Windows 10 is expected to be completed later this year, and so far Microsoft appears to be making substantial progress.

Thanks, Romit M., and Martin S., for the tips!