Windows 10 desktop is getting most of Microsoft's attention these days as the race to the July 29 date quickly approaches. It is expected that as soon as the core of Windows 10 desktop wraps many of those team members will be re-tasked to mobile to catch up. Now, a new report from someone with a developer release of Windows 10 Mobile sheds light on the unreleased 10158 build.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10149 is the last the Insider update that the public has seen but between the emulator and now this report posted at XDA forums, build 10158 looks like a big step up in completeness.

XDA member T4ufik_Hidayat has posted what is new and interesting in this build, some of which we have already covered:

Windows 10 Mobile build 10158

  • Smoother than build 10149
  • Windows Store BETA label is removed
  • Windows Store now has a transparent tile (already reported)
  • Microsoft Edge now has a transparent tile (already reported)
  • New animation for the People app Live Tile (already reported)
  • New version of Wallet app (already reported)

T4ufik_Hidayat also shared numerous screenshots taken from his/her Lumia 830, which are re-posted here.

Unfortunately, build 10158 likely won't be released to Insiders, at least according to that XDA post. Instead, build 1016x is the more probable release version, ensuring even more polish and improvements to users currently beta testing Microsoft's latest OS.

No word on when we can expect a new update to the Insider program, but Microsoft has not been keeping fans waiting too long as of late.

Source: XDA; via Reddit,