Windows 10 Mobile

While Windows 10 for PCs is set for its official launch on July 29, Microsoft declined to offer a time frame for the final release of Windows 10 Mobile. That has apparently changed as a new report says the company is targeting the release of Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise sometime "late this quarter", at least for OEMs and its partners.

Windows 10 Mobile slide

The reveal came as part of a private webinar Microsoft recently hosted for those groups. According to a slide posted by Neowin from that presentation, "Windows Mobile skus will be available late next quarter." That could means the company is targeting a launch at the end of September. However, the story also reported that during the webinar, a Microsoft spokesperson stated Windows 10 Mobile should launch sometime in October, "possibly as early as September".

Keep in mind that this presentation was made for OEMs, which means that the public release of Windows 10 Mobile may happen at a later date, due to issues like carrier time frames, hardware update testing and more.

Source: Neowin