IE Windows 10

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore today showed off some new features coming to the Windows 10 technical preview. In the opening keynote for Tech Ed 2014, Belfiore ran the audience through new trackpad gestures that will further enhance the user experience for power users, who require efficient shortcuts to save valuable seconds while switching between multiple programs. As well as the new trackpad gestures, Belfiore also demonstrated improved window snapping for multiple displays.

As captured in the above video, Belfiore utilizes a number of quick gestures on the Surface Pro tablet. The three finger swipe down gesture minimizes all active windows (and again to maximize them all), while swiping up will reveal an open program viewer, similar to what's available in OS X with Mission Control. It's not only easier to manage programs currently active on-screen, but also to switch between them by swiping left and right with three fingers.

Microsoft plans to bring said new features to the tech preview for Windows 10.

Source: Channel 9, The Verge