Windows Store

Last week, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 has already been installed in over 110 million PCs and tablets 10 weeks after its July 29 launch. Now, the company is offering some more specific information on what those users are doing. Specifically, they revealed that Windows 10 users now account for over half of all app downloads from the Windows Store.

That means that app downloads from Windows 10 have already exceeded those from the three year old Windows 8 and the two-year-old Windows 8.1. Microsoft added:

"In the few short months since release, Windows 10 users have made more than 1.25 billion visits to the Windows Store, and they account for more than half of the Windows Store downloads. For developers, Windows 10 translates into 2X the user engagement and 4X the revenue per user compared to Windows 8.x."

Apps in the Games category account for over 40 percent of all Windows 10 app downloads and for the first time, Microsoft broke down which categories of those gaming apps get the most downloads:

" Action & Adventure games account for a quarter of all game downloads, followed by Puzzle & Trivia, Music, Racing & Flying, and Card & Board. Combined, these top five genres account for more than 70% of all game downloads. It's important to note that while Word and Fighting appear on the bottom of the list, there are also very few apps in those categories."

Finally, apps in the Productivity category gets the most downloads per app in the Windows Store among Windows 10 users by a wide margin, followed by Security, Photo and Video, Social and Games.

Source: Microsoft