Windows 10

We've covered the growth of Windows 10 in the past, but Microsoft's latest desktop OS is now installed on more PCs than both Windows XP and 8.1. According to NetMarketShare, the marketshare for Microsoft's most recent OS currently sits on 11.85%. That's not bad for an OS that has only been available for purchase for six months. Last time we looked at Windows 10's marketshare, it was still trailing XP which was released 14 years ago.

Unfortunately, while both Windows 8.1 and XP are now behind, Windows 7 still retains more than half of the market at 52.47%.


With DirectX 12 round the corner, not to mention all the advancements made in Windows 10 compared to version 7, the gap between the two should close as we progress through 2016. Are you still on an older version of Windows? If so, what makes you hesitant on upgrading?

Source: NetMarketShare