Windows 10

On Wednesday, Windows Insider leader Gabriel Aul confirmed that the latest build of Windows 10 for the PC that is currently being tested internally has the version number 10130. Now, a leaked photo showing some of Microsoft's internal testing data offers some more information about the current status of Windows 10 at the company.

Windows 10 mission control

The image, posted by Neowin, shows part of Microsoft's 'Mission Control' dashboard. Among other things, it shows that build 10130 is being tested by 1,458 devices at Microsoft in its Operating Systems Group. Another 14,682 devices are testing the 10125 build of Windows 10 at Microsoft.

Last week, Microsoft released build 10122 of Windows 10 to the public for Windows Insiders. The dashboard photo shows that currently, 504,406 devices are running that version of the OS on the Fast ring. Slow ring Windows Insider members are still on build 10072 and there are 1,671,491 devices running that version.

Source: Neowin