Although it has been weeks since Insiders have seen a release of the Phone version of Windows 10, the team behind it looks busy patching up the OS for release. In a new video posted on the Chinese forums site, we get our first real look at the new Outlook email app, Project Spartan browser, contacts and new dialer.

The video itself is not the best quality at just 360p, but the build that is being used certainly seems to be much more robust and polished.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 0:14 New Contacts app design with circular avatar images matching the login screen of Windows 10 desktop
  • 0:25 New messaging app
  • 0:42 New dialer with larger buttons
  • 0:50 Outlook email app with built in Calendar
  • 1:36 New integrated Calendar
  • 1:55 Project Spartan browser (with address bar on top)

We are not sure when the next Insider build of Windows 10 for phone will arrive although expectations are sooner than later. One thing is for certain: when that update does come through, the experience is going to be much more refined than the current initial release, which is severely lacking in the basics.

Microsoft likely wants to make a big splash with the next release instead of just small, incremental additions. Indeed, Microsoft's Gabe Aul did mention on Twitter that the next update for the phone will bring some "big new features". Outlook email + calendar, new dialer, new messaging app and the Project Spartan browser all look like candidates.

Let us know what you think of the latest build of Windows 10 for phone in comments!

Source:; via Reddit