Windows 10

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has confirmed previous rumors that a preview of Windows 10 that will run on ARM devices like Surface RT and Surface 2, along with Windows Phones, won't be released for a while.

Answering a question on his Twitter feed from a fan who was wondering when the Windows 10 preview would be out for ARM and phones, Belfiore replied, "Right now tech preview is for x86 PCs. ARM devices and phones, not 'til well into 2015." In response to the same question from another fan, Belfiore stated, "The purpose of going out this early on the PC is largely to get enterprise/corporate feedback. More later."

A few weeks ago, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley reported via her own sources that a preview build of the next version of Windows would launch sometime in January or February 2015. Belfiore's statements would seem to corroborate her report.

Microsoft has already admitted that Windows 10 will in fact be the next big version of Windows Phone but we likely won't hear much, at least via official channels, about the company's mobile plans for the OS for some time. Do you think Microsoft is doing the right thing to hold off on the Windows Phone preview of Windows 10?

Source:Joe Belfiore on Twitter