Windows 10

"Redstone", the unconfirmed internal code name at Microsoft for the next big update to Windows 10, could actually be released in two separate updates. A new report claims that the first "Redstone" update will become available in June 2016, while the second will be ready in October 2016.

The report comes from Neowin, which reported earlier today on the Redstone code name itself. This new story, which again comes from unnamed sources at Microsoft, says that members of the Windows Insider program will be able to download, test and provide feedback on the Redstone updates before they are released to the general public.

Microsoft is still working on Windows 10 itself, and it's possible many features that were once planned for the OS's launch this summer might be pushed back until one of the two Redstone update waves. ZDNet reported earlier today, via its own sources, that the numbering of Windows 10 itself will not change when the Redstone updates are launched.

Source: Neowin, ZDNet