Surface Pen

The upcoming update for Windows 10, codenamed "Redstone" will reportedly bring with it better pen input support for universal applications. According to a report by, Microsoft will be implementing some improvements for those rocking stylus accessories who rely on universal apps.

Notably, there's a new control called RadialController, which is believed to be similar to the circular formatting menu in OneNote.

Another new element designed to work with pen input is aptly named InkToolbar. This handy piece of kit will enable users of Microsoft Edge to draw on web pages, as well as third-party applications should developers work to include said functionality.

It'll be interesting to see how app developers can utilize the potential of pen input to enhance the user experience.

We're likely to see further details be released as we draw closer to the release of Redstone.

Of course, this naturally forces us to ponder the question whether a 'Surface Phone' with pen support and a G5 co-processor, could be on the horizon later this year?