Windows 10

Windows 10 may reach the RTM (release to manufacturing) status as early as June, according to a new report. If true, that should allow Microsoft's next version of its OS to be installed on new PCs in time for the all important back-to-school sales period.

The report comes from Neowin, which points out that even if Microsoft is targeting a June time frame for RTM, that schedule could change. Previous versions of Windows have hit the RTM stage later in the summer for a public launch in October. The prospect of Windows 10 becoming available for new PCs a couple of months earlier should help boost its market share.

Rumor 7

It's also possible that Microsoft could launch a successor to its highly successful Surface Pro 3 at the same time that it launches Windows 10, which again should be popular with the back-to-school crowd.

Source: Neowin