Windows 10 Surface

While we are still waiting for a new Windows 10 Mobile preview build, Microsoft has gone ahead and released the new Windows 10 SDK preview build 10563 for developers. It has also released the associated new emulators for Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft does recommend that developers go ahead and uninstall any older preview SDK builds and emulators on their PC before installing the new 10563 build. Here's a look at the change log:


  • Updated the OS image included with the Windows 10 Mobile Emulator


  • Corrected the signing of the Microsoft General MIDI DLS for Universal Windows Apps Extension SDK
  • Corrected the "No .natvis files found" error when you run Debugging Tools For Windows (WinDbg)" issue with WinDbg. See for more details.
  • Corrected the Windows Performance Analyzer crashes when ResidentSet graph is used
  • Corrected problem that prevented trace capture on pre-Windows 8 OS releases using xperf.exe and wpr.exe.
  • Corrected Windows Performance Analyzer crash when trying to modify the symbols inclusion/exclusion list in the Load Settings tab of the Configure Symbols dialog.
  • Improved Intellisense documentation for a large number of APIs.

Updated tests in the Windows App Certification Kit:

  • The "App prelaunch" test was enabled. This test proactively prelaunches and keeps apps in the background, verifying that the app handles the prelaunch scenario correctly.
  • The "App resources" test now runs correctly against UWA apps. This could result in failures not previously seen but for which the apps were always expected to pass.
  • The "Supported APIs" test no longer fails the app if the app invokes approved APIs by ordinals.

Source: Microsoft