Evidently, Windows 10 for Insiders build 10547 has many little changes not documented. One of those noticed by a reader and confirmed by us is found in the Store.

In the latest build of the OS, if the Store downloads an app and is also checking for updates, it separates the two with one being in the Queue and the other under Updates. Both have a number in parentheses designating how many with the usual Pause and Cancel buttons. You can see how it looks in the above image.

Previously, Windows 10 from our knowledge just lumped all the downloads together. Of course, with the OS update comes a few bugs and one of them is related to those app updates:

  • "Windows Store apps may not update automatically. To receive app updates, open the Store, click on your profile picture at the top right, choose "Download and Updates" and check for updates manually."

We're sure the feature will percolate to Windows 10 Mobile in its next build. The Store still has a long way to go in term of info for users, but progress is being made.

Update: This may be a general Store update as we are hearing reports that non-Insiders are seeing this now too.

Thanks, Argenis Z., for the tip!

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