Windows 10 surpasses Apple's OS X in Russian internet browsing stats

Following last week's official launch of Windows 10, it looks like Microsoft's latest is picking up quite a bit of steam in Russia. LiveInternet, a popular third-party service for internet browsing data in Russia, is showing that Windows 10 has already surpassed Apple's OS X in popularity in the country.

LiveInternet sources its data by tracking the OS that people are using to connect to some of the most popular sites in Russia. As of Friday, August 7 in Russia, Windows 10 is sporting a share of 1.6 percent of browsing activity compared to OS X's 1.1 percent. While the browsing share is quite a bit lower than others on the list — including Android, which holds the top spot — remember that we're just a week out from launch.

Overall, these numbers shouldn't be too surprising given that Windows 10 is being provided to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users for free, and both operating systems are in second and fourth place with shares of 27 percent and 7.9 percent, respectively. So, it seems natural that Windows 10 would experience a pleasant surge.

Keep in mind that these numbers are from a third-party and only measure traffic to some of the most popular sites in Russia. However, LiveInternet is one of the most famous stats systems in Russia, so it's an interesting peek into what's going on behind the scenes.