Windows 10 on Xbox One

Gaming on Windows 10 wasn't the only new advancement Microsoft spoke about at its Windows 10 event today. The company also touched on bringing Windows 10 to Xbox One. No, this doesn't mean you'll be editing Excel documents on your console, but you will be seeing some interesting features coming to Xbox One in the coming months.

Gaming will remain the center experience on the Xbox One. Gamers are not to be forgotten in favor of simply packing less desirable features into the package. What Microsoft will make possible is for developers on Windows 10 to be able to release apps on the Xbox One, as well as the desktop and phone.

This will unlock the big screen of the home to developers, and lets consumers (you guys) use your favorite apps on Xbox One, coupled with SmartGlass and other solutions available. That's just a small teaser as to what's on the horizon for the marriage between Xbox One and Windows 10. More will be unveiled at the Game Developers Conference in March.