Windows 10

Microsoft has plans to improve the Windows Store for businesses who use Windows 10, including a new web-based portal that will let IT administrators browse and acquire Modern-based apps in bulk.

Microsoft stated that apps acquired from the web portal can then be assigned to specific people in the company. Those employees can then download the apps on their device. As we have previously reported, Microsoft will offer a unified Windows Store experience for Windows 10 that will allow developers to release apps that can be downloaded and used by smartphones, tablets and PCs through one storefront.

While large businesses can still run their own private company portal for accessing their Windows 10 apps, smaller organizations won't be left out. Microsoft said:

"With Windows 10, they will be able to create their own private section within the Windows Store for their apps – apps that have been acquired for members of the organization through the Store portal, or their own uploaded custom line of business apps. Within this private section of the Store, an end user can easily browse a customized Windows Store and install only the apps they want, from the selection chosen for them by their corporation."

Will these features encourage businesses large and small to upgrade to Windows 10?

Source: Microsoft