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Windows 10 officially started rolling out to the general public a week ago, but the Windows team in Redmond has been busy working on new updates for the operating system. A new report claims that Microsoft is currently targeting a release of Windows 10's first post-launch bug fix update for Monday, August 10.

According to WinSuperSite:

"There has not been any specific date mentioned for that release but a recent tip sent to us points towards next Monday, the 10th of August, as that availability date. Testing should see Windows Insiders getting that update after it checks out inside of Microsoft and prior to it becoming widely available for all users. So is that 10 August date when Insiders will see it or when they expect to release it across the board? If that is the target date for a wide release then Insiders should be seeing this update very soon."

As previously reported, the bug fix update will be branded as 'Service Release 1' (SR1). While it might contain a few small additional features, it will mainly be for dealing with Windows 10's post-launch issues. Microsoft is rumored to launch a bigger update in October that will add features such as the Messaging app and extension support for the Microsoft Edge web browser.

Source: WinSuperSite