Skype on Windows

Microsoft has now discontinued the "Modern" Skype app for Windows 8 and 8.1, but the promised new Windows 10 messaging, phone, and video apps with Skype integration are coming sometime this summer.

That's the new word from Microsoft, which quietly updated a Skype blog post in June with more information about their Windows 10 app plans earlier this month:

"Later this summer, we'll roll out the Preview for Universal Skype experiences built into Messaging, Phone and Video apps on Windows 10. These new, light-weight apps will make tasks like calling and messaging more efficient and easier. Users will also be able to choose to use the familiar Skype for Windows desktop app, which comes with the deepest Skype feature set."

Microsoft previously said that these apps would launch sometime "later this year", but at least that timeline has now been made more specific. The company showed a glimpse of what the messaging app in Windows 10 will look like earlier this week in a video promo for the OS. Windows 10 is still scheduled to launch on July 29.

Source: Microsoft; Via: Neowin