Windows 8

We recently touched on Best Buy gearing for its pre-orders of the HTC 8X, which is likely to be available in-store (and online) on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. As well as this tip, Windows Phone Central also received captures of upcoming promotion material that detailed Windows 8 hardware, both pricing and specification highlights.

While we're unable to provide the images we received (at the request of the tipster) we can relay some of the details that were displayed. The information for Windows 8 products that are on their way to Best Buy can already be located on the retailer's website. Heading over to the Windows 8 section of will bring up an array of options to filter through available listings.

Netbooks are available for an affordable price of $199 upwards, but for a more immersive Windows 8 experience, one will be looking at anywhere up to $999 and beyond for touch-screen featured laptops. Of course, with the Microsoft Surface pricing that was revealed earlier today, there's choice available. Premium pricing for advanced laptops and tablets, or cheaper options that were build for previous versions of Windows.

Pre-ordering is already available online or in-store, with availability dates starting October 26th. Take this as a soft reminder should you be aware of such availability online.

Thanks, anonymous, for the tip!

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