Windows 8

"You're the best...around...Nothing's gonna ever keep you down"

When it comes to Windows 8, people fall into two camps: they love it or hate it. Personally, we love it and maybe we’ll share our thoughts more on it later as we’ve been running RTM for the last two weeks.  We’ll also say those who don’t like Windows 8 have been more vocal—they always are.

So it’s perhaps a good sign to see Windows 8 pre-orders on rocking the #1 spot. Sure, we can’t imagine the software section on Amazon is highly volatile as compared to other products likes games or even phones, but it’s a good sign that people are interested in the next generation OS from Redmond. Or to put it another way, we’d rather see Windows 8 sitting at #1 than not as some detractors could spin that towards the negative.


How will the masses respond to Windows 8? We think it comes down to the new hardware. Windows 8 is geared towards touchscreens and on tablets, hybrids and new PCs with touch displays it will really shine.

In fact, in a real-world experiment GeekWire lurked around an Apple store and let some Cupertino fans try out a Windows 8 tablet. Their response? They were a lot more positive than you may have expected, especially since this demographic may be considered hostile to Microsoft by some accounts.

So we’ll take the #1 spot on Amazon and that GeekWire video as a good sign of things to come.

Source:,  Neowin, GeekWire

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