Firefox for Windows 8

If you’re running a PC, odds are you’re using either Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser. The trio are always going head-to-head for marketshare with new features and other innovations. Solid touch support is one area that both Chrome and Firefox aren’t doing so hot compared to Internet Explorer.

Which is why the tech community was pretty stoked when Mozilla announced their plans for Firefox as a Windows 8 style app. Unfortunately it looks like the launch of that application has been pushed back.

We last heard from Mozilla that December 10th was the tentative date the world would get their hands on Firefox wrapped in metro UI design. This isn’t the first time the availability of the app has been pushed back. Development began about 18 months ago and was originally slated to become available around January 2013. In May of this year, Mozilla then aimed for a release between October 2013 and March 2014.

The team cites a slower development pace for continually pushing back the launch of Firefox. Fingers are now crossed for a late January 2014 release from Mozilla.

Are you looking forward to using Firefox in a touch environment? Sound off below or go to to try the latest version.

Source: Computer World