According to Win8China, the latest build for Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system has already been distributed to OEMs for final testing. Build #9477 will be the last build and signifies that all features within Windows 8.1 are final.

Microsoft has been working hard with Windows 8.1 to improve on existing features, while implementing new ones. The Redmond company’s ears have been towards consumers lately and is great to see the employees at Microsoft integrating requested features to make their users happier.

This current pace places the company ahead of their roadmap and points to the possibility that the most anticipated update of summer 2013 may be hitting customer devices in an official capacity before expected.

If you haven’t already yet downloaded a copy of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Consumer Preview, then you might as well wait a bit longer for it to show up in Windows Update – it won’t be long.

Have you been running Windows 8.1? What do you think and what improvements do you hope to see before the update officially gets pushed?

Source: Win8China; via: Neowin