Windows 8.1 Preview Fixes

We’re big fans of Windows 8.1 Preview and highly recommend doing a “clean install”, if you can spare the time and effort. Indeed, personally speaking I’m running it on four devices: Acer R7, Surface Pro, Dell XPS One 27, Acer W3 and Samsung ATIV 500T. Wait, that’s five devices….

Anywho, if you are running next-generation OS from Microsoft, which will RTM in August, you’ll want to force-check for today’s updates, which include four 8.1 updates:

  • KB2863147 – Fixes a license notification issue. Basically Microsoft migrates your Windows 8 license to 8.1 and this will make sure it doesn’t expire and that you can still upgrade to the final Windows 8.1
  • KB2865946 – Smart card PIN disclosure after an automatic restart for Windows Update
  • KB2866512 – Internet Explorer 11 Preview freezes or crashes while loading a web page containing widgets
  • KB2866537 – Windows Store app instability after an app update in Windows 8.1 Preview

Truth be told, that’s only a handful of fixes though we could imagine the license and IE11 ones are fairly significant for some users, in addition we like a more stable Store too.

How’s the 8.1 Preview treating you so far? Let us know in comments!