windows 9

Ahead of Tuesday's press event to formally introduce the next version of Windows, a new rumor claims Microsoft is working on a backend system that will allow the OS team to see what's happening on a person's PC in near real time, in an effort to fix problems and launch new features to the software in a far more timely fashion.

ZDNet, using unnamed sources, claims that the real-time telemetry system has the code name "Asimov" and that it was originally developed by the Xbox team. This new system may have been confirmed via a recent Microsoft job listing showing that the company is hiring software engineers to work on a system that in theory could "modify the windows start menu on every Windows user machine in less than a week."


In related news, Neowin reports, via its own sources, that when the first version of the Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise build is released to the public, it will have the Start menu, a way to run Modern UI apps on the desktop and the first version of its notification center. It will not have features like Cortana, Internet Explorer 12 or any major visual changes; those are slated to be added in the future.

We are now just a day away from Microsoft' official announcement, which will take place in San Francisco. Hopefully we will also learn of the actual name for the OS, which has been called Windows 9, Threshold, Windows TH, Windows X or just plain Windows in the past.

Source: ZDNet, Neowin