Windows App Studios

Microsoft's easy-to-use Windows App Studio development tools now include Twitter Data Source features via OAuth integration, allowing people who want to make apps for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 to add Twitter features inside.

Microsoft says:

"With the new Twitter Data Source, simply use your Twitter access tokens provisioned from, which allows users of your App Studio app to see the tweets you configure without requiring that they have a Twitter account."

With this new feature, Windows App Studio developers can show their own Twitter account timeline in their apps or someone else's, along with showing hastag search results.

In addition to the new Twitter Data Source, Windows App Studio also revamped its Instagram Data Source support so apps can connect to Instagram's clients. Microsoft says:

"By doing this, we are up to date with all of the standards that Instagram now requires for 3rd party tools who interact with their platform. This method also brings the flexibility to allow a User Feed display, as well as hashtag searches already available."

Microsoft says that over 2.2 million people have used Windows App Studio, but did not offer an updated number of apps that have been made and published with those tools. Let us know about your experiences making apps with Windows App Studio in the comments!

Source: Microsoft