Windows App Studio

Microsoft says:

"One of the most requested features in Windows App Studio is built-in image controls. It is now possible to add a .jpeg or .png file to then be automatically populated to all the necessary tiles, splash screens and icons. Zoom and crop within the tool, allowing the ability to focus your time creating better experiences from your content."

The update also supports Facebook and YouTube OAuth integration so that apps made with Windows App Studio can include features from both services. Microsoft says, "For example with our new YouTube DataSource you can choose playlists, searches, or a full user feed." Microsoft has also included eight new preconfigured app theme templates that can be further customized by developers. Microsoft says:

"You can change the background and appbar colors, as well as text size and colors. Additionally, we've added a property to define the color that some layouts use to avoid contrast problems. Along with this feature we have added the ability to use an image as a header, instead of the default text used in previous iterations."

Finally, the update has some unnamed improvements for its simulator and screenshot features, along with a better HowTo formatting and a "fully responsive Home Page".

Source: Microsoft