Windows Camera and Windows Maps score updates on Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft looks to be pushing out a couple of updates to some Windows 10 Mobile core apps today, with both Windows Camera and Windows Maps receiving new versions. Unfortunately, there aren't any firm details on what's new for the duo.

For Windows Camera, we're looking at an update from build 1084 to 1088, but there aren't any noticeable changes to report. As for Windows Maps, the story is the same, with the build number moving from 4.1520.3000 to 4.1511.3161. In addition, both of these updates look to be mobile-only for now, but we could see updates for Windows 10 arrive shortly as well.

You can grab the updates from the links below, and be sure to shout out in the comments if you see anything new or notable!

Thanks to @MitjaRavnikar for the tip!

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