If you are a user of Windows Home Server, and have a nice multi-media box running your 50” HD television, and are a Windows Phone 7 owner, there is some good news for you. The next release, codenamed “Vail” will feature a plugin providing support for Windows Phone 7.

Some of the functions that have been highlighted in a post over on the development blog should come in handy, and be useful indeed. An alert notifications screen clearly listing problems with the server, and information as to how to resolve the issue is available acting just like the Dashboard. Streaming photos, music, and video from your home server with smooth loading and playback (depending on connection of course) is thrown in along with the ability to upload photos you capture on your mobile device straight to the home server.

We are currently unaware as to whether or not the current version of WHS will have support for WP7, but to think of managing and streaming content from your box at home to your phone while on the go is something that will surely be welcomed. For those who are awaiting Vail, or are thinking on setting up a home server and use it with WP7, here is a sneak peek at the next release (Video after break)

Source: Windows Development Blog via: Windows Phone Secrets