Windows Insider Program

As the launch of Windows 10 gets closer, Microsoft continues to add new members to its Windows Insider testing program. Today, as part of its Windows 10 SKU announcement, the company said that there are now 3.9 million Windows Insider members.

That number shows that another 200,000 people have joined the program since May 1, when the company revealed there were 3.7 million members. That's a big increase in just 12 days, and shows that a lot of folks want to check Windows 10 out for themselves.

Microsoft has already confirmed that the Windows Insider program will continue even after Windows 10 reaches its RTM status this summer, as members will get a chance to try out new patches and features before they are released to the general public. The program could also add more update rings in addition to the "Fast" and "Slow" rings that are currently available for members.

Source: Microsoft