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A new report says that Microsoft is "highly likely" to keep its current Windows Insider Program going even after the official release of Windows 10 sometime in 2015, perhaps as a way to offer large scale testing of new features for the OS before they are released to all users.

Microsoft started the Windows Insider Program with the release of the technical preview of Windows 10 on October 1 as a way to gain feedback from users for this early desktop centered build of the OS. Now Ars Technica, using unnamed Microsoft sources, claims that the Windows Insider Program will most likely continue after the official launch of the OS, although they did add that this is not guaranteed.

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Continuing the program would be in line with the rumors that Microsoft will no longer issue major updates for Windows every two to three years after the release of Windows 10. Instead, the company may choose to issue new features for the OS via free updates alongside security and bug fixes. Having a program like Windows Insider would allow Microsoft to beta test features from a wide number of users.

Do you believe Microsoft should continue the Windows Insider program after Windows 10 is released?

Source: Ars Technica