There's more news coming out of the Windows Live camp. Windows Phone Live is in the works (that sounds a lot like Microsoft's MyPhone) which will add to the list of mobile features Windows Live offers.

Slated to be a part of the new Windows Live Devices (which will include your Windows Phone 7, Skydrive, etc.) services, this new feature will allow users four options in dealing with a lost phone. The options include:

  • Map It: See your phone's approximate location via BING maps.
  • Ring It: Have your phone ring loudly for sixty seconds using a special ringtone. The ringer will sound even if your phone is silent or on vibrate only.
  • Lock It: Lock your phone so that nobody else can access it. You will also have the ability to display instructions on how to return your lost phone on the screen.
  • Erase It: Reset your phone to the factory settings and erase all the information on it (e.g. Hard Reset).

These recovery services are slated to be free of charge through your Windows Live account. While there's no information on when these services will go live, if we had to guess, they'll likely be part of the next round of updates to Windows Live that have been described as "imminent".