Ok, don't hate us here, we are just the messenger. Hot on the heels of telling you that a new version of Live Search for Windows Mobile is coming down the pipes, we're telling you that you can now download Windows Live for any Windows Mobile devices. Yes, these are different apps. Yes, we're tired of complaining about how silly it is to have to differentiate between “Live Search,” “Windows Live” and “Live Search that isn't an app but is instead just a web search.”

You can hop over to http://wl.windowsmobile.com direct from your device to get Windows Live. Then again, you may already have it installed, as Windows Live comes pre-installed on a few devices. On most, though, the carriers give it the big old Ax because it competes with services they want to charge you for. Good on Microsoft for finally making an end run around these clowns and giving us a direct download, right?

Sigh. Not so much. The direct download version of Windows Live has support for Live Hotmail , Contact sync, and Spaces, it does not include their Live Messenger client (which is heads and shoulders above the default Oz client that most US WinMo devices ship with). This direct download might give you a Live Window (we couldn't resist) outside of your walled garden, but it definitely doesn't completely free you from your carrier.

Still - if you're a Hotmail Windows Live Hotmail user, this is a must-download as it will make your email push and sync up your contacts just right. It will also let you throw a Live Search field onto your Today screen if you're still hunting around for one of those (us, we prefer the Google Today screen plugin, but don't tell big M.)

While you're at it, you may as well visit the mobile version of the Windows Mobile Owners Circle and pick up some other free software for your phone.

[via pocketnow]