Windows Live Search (which we rave about all the time) has just come out of Beta and has a sweet new feature built-in: Voice Input. That's right - you can just speak your search instead of tapping it in when you're in the Live Search app. Go get it, have some fun: (I suppose the voice search feature counts as a workaround for Mogul users who have experienced problems typing characters in wls).

Update: Another new feature: local gas prices. Lord knows that's going to be more and more important in the coming years.

The Live Search online search engine ( has also seen some updates, but I'm not going to write about them because Microsoft is still insisting on calling every damn thing "Live" and I'm tired of it.

Live Search for Windows Mobile with voice input. The updated Live Search for Windows Mobile® 5.0 and 6.0 will be available for download for free on Tuesday, Oct. 16, and now includes voice input (beta version), gas prices, and hours of operation for businesses. The service can also use Global Positioning System (GPS) data on GPS-enabled phones to provide location-aware local search for customers.

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After the break, a neat video showing wls in action.

Video: Live Search for Windows Mobile -- Now with Speech!