We have been wrong before about the release date for the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the Samsung Blackjack, so take this one with a grain of salt. Smartphone Thoughts is reporting:

Now, word is circulating that the production release of Windows Mobile 6 for the BlackJack will hit the streets (or maybe just AT&T's website) on September 17th. I know that sounds far away, but really it's just a couple weeks. We can hang on until then, right?

Ok. The 17th sounds fine. That's the day the US Constitution was signed, after all. ...You're expecting a strained metaphor about Windows Mobile 6? I'm not going there, just saying. Also just saying: we know for a fact (or at least we're really sure) that the release is coming in Q3. We also know for a fact (or at least really hope) that the leaked WM6 Blackjack ROM was far from ready on June 6th -- so three months to work out the kinds sounds reasonable. Right?