Windows Mobile 6 for the 8525! and not just any ROM, mind you, but it looks to be the really real ROM that AT&T will be giving to us.. soon. That's good news to me, because it means that a slightly more stable ROM than the leaked Blackjack WM6 ROM should also come in tow - hopefully with that cool video share functionality. What's most amusing to me about this imminent release is that we just saw a ROM update for the 8525 just a month and a half ago.

You could go searching for the leaked ROM for your 8525, but in my opinion, if you've waited this long, you may as well wait just a little bit longer. If the rumor mill is right, that "little bit longer" should be less than a week or two. If you don't have an 8525 and don't have the wherewithal to wait for the Kaiser, there was a recent price drop that might help you open your wallet.

Just like the T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade was leaked about a week before the real release, AT&T's 8525 update has just been dumped onto the internet as well. What does this mean to you? Two things.

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