We won't be going, but the big mobile conference that's coming up next is the Mobile World Conference (AKA 3GSM) in Barcelona. It's happening Feburary 11th-14th. There's usually big news there, since, you know, the US is a relatively small portion of the wireless market these days. Last year we were treated to the official unveiling of Windows Mobile 6. This year, maybe we'll see the official unveiling of Windows Mobile 6.1? Msmobiles (by way of pocketinfo.nl) seems to think so, pointing out that Microsoft has a big ol' press conference from 15:00 to 16:00 hours, Barcelona time.

If not Windows Mobile 6.1, there's sure to be plenty of other WM news coming out of the conference. We here at WMExperts are just about recovered from the pre-Holiday gadget-annoucement madness and are getting a little tired of the current lull.