This is the week for Windows Mobile 6.1 updates, innit? First came the AT&T Tilt Update, then the XV6800 Update, and now we have a tip from Jared that you can get the Windows Mobile 6.1 update for the BlackJack II officially as well.

As is standard operating procedure with BlackJack updates -- this update is a major pain to set up -- requiring odd modem driver installations and secret key codes. Follow the instructions to a T.

It's been quite awhile since we showed you a video hands-on with Windows Mobile 6.1 on the BlackJack II, so we embedded that above to give you a taste of what you'll be looking at with this update. We'll be interested to see how this final ROM looks. We're hoping that it brings a little more speed to the BJII to help bring it up to par with Windows Mobile 6.1 on the Q9h. Maybe, just maybe, the competition between the two devices deserves another round?

Thanks, Jared!

Update: Yeah, not yet. As happened with the AT&T Tilt update, we have a download page claiming that it will provide you with a 6.1 update but no actual 6.1 update to be had. Samsung's byzantine update system combined with the fact that I'm on a Mac here added up to me missing the truth here. Thanks again to Jared for setting us straight.

Also: the above links have been taken down. Let's hope we see them again soon.

Update X2: Well, the instruction pages are back up, but the links to actually download the software updates are down. We recommend you use the time you'd normally spend spamming “refresh” on that page reading the instructions. We're not kidding, they're complex.