I've been rocking the Windows Mobile 6.1 Update on my Motorola Q9h for some weeks now and I can tell you in no uncertain terms: you want it. That said, you'll have to wait a bit before it arrives. Perhaps not too long, though. Hot on the heels of the 6.1 update for the Sprint Q9c, Motorola appears to be prepping it for the Q9h. So says Mike, who did a bit of sleuthing:

Looks like Motorola is prepping for the release of the WM 6.1 upgrade for AT&T Q9h. Although you can’t find it from the drop down boxes of their website, you can find it here
Note that the file currently being linked to is a placeholder and is not the actual update as far as I can tell. I did try to install and run it, but the software said “There is no software update currently available for your mobile phone. Please check back for new releases.”

We'll let you know when it's up for really-real so you're not spamming “refresh” on the Motorola Software Update Page. But it does appear like Moto has the infrastructure in place for a release of the 6.1 update. Threaded Text, Sliding Panels, and more await those who ....wait.

[via EverythingQ forums] ...Thanks Mike!