And the leaks keep coming...

For those who are staying abreast of all the recent WM6.5.x builds, 28004 just hit the streets today.  No major changes are evident, though there are some graphic and speed improvements as usual.

WM6.5.3 is the latest branch off from the various "COM" builds, which look to be the testing grounds for new improvements to Windows Mobile.  The main feature of these latest builds appear to be making the OS very finger friendly, incorporating gesture support, moving the Start menu to the lower left corner, enlarging all menus and redoing certain sub-sections like the address book (see above).

What no one knows as of yet is what is the end goal? I.e. what will this final branch look like, what is the expected finish date, etc?  Build 28004 is from November 19th, meaning it features some of the latest changes.  By comparison to WM6.5, these latest builds of 6.5.x are as fast if not faster, feel more modern and are quite stable.

Look for your favorite chef's to update their ROMs.

For those on Sprint with Touch Pro 2's, feel free to try my custom build of this ROM along with HTC Sense 2.1 (weather-clock), Office 2010, Opera 10 and some graphics improvements.  Get it here or directly download here and thanks to SSK for the kitchen.