MWg, whose Zinc II slider doesn't look half-bad, whose handsets may actually be manufactured by HTC, and who -- let's face it -- is very unlikely to ever release a device with a US carrier, has officially launched in Europe. Modaco was at the event and grabbed a shot from their presentation. Therein, MWg said that they plan on releasing a device in Q4 of 2008 called Flame II. Let's take a look at the specs:

  • Big screen, “3.5 inch or higher”
  • Multimedia Features
  • Windows Mobile 7
  • 3.2mp camera
  • GPS

...whoa, waitasecondtherecowboy! Is MWg claiming they're going to release a Windows Mobile 7 device by the end of the year? Good eye, catching that one, Paul!

We're doubting it will happen (it is just a roadmap from a very new and untested company), but it's interesting nonetheless. At any rate, it at least is another sight that we can expect Windows Mobile 7 leaks, like the one we first pointed out to you earlier this week, to start coming up on us on a regular basis.