Wow. So at the Bill Gates keynote last night, he mentioned that a major focus of Microsoft's current R&D is focused on “natural interfaces.” He showed a demo of a research project for a camera that could recognize faces and places. What he didn't mention is that apparently Microsoft is working on adding all sorts of natural interface option to, wait for it, Windows Mobile 7.

A blog called InsideMicrosoft scored an internal presentation with gobs - gobs of pictures of examples of how one could interface with Windows Mobile 7. Shaking the phone. Waving your hand around the camera. Better touchscreen interfaces (yes!). Plenty of options.

The images themselves sometimes make it a little difficult to get a handle on what WM7 looks like - though surely it's early enough on in development that the looks aren't finalized yet.

Interestingly, one of the major UI improvements that is mentioned in the article is “Pivoting.” Pivoting looks like you go left and right to get between major “categories” that are listed at the top of the screen. Gee, that sounds a LOT like a certain set of screenshots that accidentally appeared in the keynote, don't it?


Read: InsideMicrosoft via Engadget