The Presses: Stop them! stroths in the forums alerts us to the fact that if you're into hacking the Mogul, you should take a flyer on the previously leaked ROM and check out this one: Windows Mobile 6.1. It was put together by no2chem at the PPCGeeks forums. You'll get your threaded text on, but it looks like it might not be the full Windows Mobile 6.1.

If you're brave, let us know how it works for ya! If you're not so brave, well, at least take heart that all this Mogul news is surely a sign that the official release is just around the corner.

(Thanks for the tip, stroths, sorry for the typo in the original post!)

no2chem built a beta WM 6.1 ROM that works with the Mogul and I am currently running it on mine. One of the nice features is integrated threaded sms. This is good news for those of you who had issues with the palm threaded sms.
- WM 6.1 Beta ROM Available for Mogul - GPS Enabled - WM Experts