Now, don't get too crazy over this, but ITWire is reporting that Microsoft might be pitching Windows Mobile to ....Nokia. While Microsoft has confirmed that they've been talking to Nokia, it doesn't look like Nokia has any plans to adopt the Windows Mobile operating system on their devices. Symbian, Nokia's OS of choice, is still far and away the global leader by margins that would make your head spin.

Nokia does use some Microsoft tech, namely some connectivity with Exchange, compatibility with PlaysForSure, and a Live Search client. Not to mention that MSN Chat is more popular globally than it is here in the US ...just like Symbian. Our guess is that this is all more likely about extending those services on the Symbian platform.

But if you're feeling crazy, dig this quote from Microsoft's John Starkweather:

“We work closely with Nokia and we would love to have them go all the way,” he said.

Wouldn't we all. :) Of note, the Mobile World Congress (nee 3GSM) is coming up in a few short days, so if there was a ridiculously weird and game-changing announcement like Nokia hardware running Windows Mobile, we'd likely hear about it next week. But don't hold your breath.

Update: Yeah, you really shouldn't hold your breath. ITWire took a little "creative license" in suggesting that Microsoft and Nokia were seriously considering a huge OS shift like this. Still, though, it's nice to dream.