I've done my best thus far to avoid making jokes about Microsoft being the Borg, or an Evil Empire, or whatever. I'm only human, of course -- once I posted a sweaty photo of Steve Ballmer. Normally, though, I find cheap shots like "Micro$haft," well, cheap.

However, this story over at Linux For Devices demands the the cheap shot encapsulated in the above photo. The Windows Mobile Team is apparently planning on setting up camp outside LinuxWord next week. That's fine, everybody likes to visit the competition and see what's going on. But Microsoft's folks will be giving away free chicken wings and beer. If I know anything about Linux Developers, I know this: the only thing more tempting than a "free as in beer" joke is free beer. It's totally below the belt, Microsoft.... bravo.

So come on, Linux Developers, come to the Dark Side. We have free beer here. Also, as Mike Hall notes, they'll give you the "Windows CE kernel source code and development tools for FREE." Free source code. You know you want it. You don't understand the power of the dark side, but with some wings and a couple drinks in you, you probably could.

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