Yeah, you read that right, and you'll likely see more headlines (See exhibits A, B, C and D) about losing the "Mobile" name. But before we all start freaking out, this is something we have recently discussed:

We all heard Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in his CES keynote refer to "Windows phones." (Read our liveblog here.) And that spurred the following in a reponse to one of our readers about viruses and Windows Mobile. Quoting, well, ourselves:

Given that Microsoft decided to call their mobile Operating System Windows Mobile and given that more recently they seem to want to refer to their stuff as "Windows Phones" (As Steve Ballmer did in the CES keynote), it's not mere paranoia to wonder about these types of issues, but a legitimate confusion about just what Windows Mobile is and how it relates to Windows now and in the future.

So what should we expect? Digitimes (that's Exhibit A, above) has a source claiming that "going forward, Windows Mobile-based handsets will be promoted simply as Windows phones without specifying an OS version number." 

Windows Mobile ain't "Windows," but there's a lot more opportunity for people to get the integration possibilities by calling it a "Windows Phone," not to mention fewer syllables.  We've been heard to complain that "Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard" doesn't exactly make for easy advertising copy, so in that sense "Windows Phone" is a lot better.  On the other hand, the prospect of having to explain that a "Windows Phone" is actually "Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard" and so can't run World of Warcraft give us the heebie-jeebies, just a little.  You?