File this under rumor (one that can be easily faked) but there are now two reports of a later build of Windows Phone 7 floating around, specifically with build 7753 (as opposed to the "latest" NoDo at 7389). The only prominent difference noted is the appearance of a "search icon" near the Apps arrow which presumably lets you search your apps for a specific program.

The first instance of this build made its appearance with DFT--the same group who brought you WP7 on the HD2. They somehow either made a really good fake or got their hands on a later build of the OS, meaning HD2 owners may see this sooner than later. Now, a secondary user by the name of huggye over at Windows Phone Italy has posted a screen shot of LG Optimus 7 supposedly running 7753 as well. Reportedly this version was "pushed" to his device, perhaps in error.

While we have no doubt that like Windows Mobile, the Windows Phone dev team has multiple branches of the OS in progress (see WM6.5.x series), we're not 100% sure of these stories either as they can be easily faked. But like we said, it wouldn't necessarily surprise us either. Is this an early build of 'Mango'? Seems to be semantics to us as 'Mango' has a lot of things involved, so we think this is just one branch of the future 'Mango' update.

We have an idea: we'll just ask some people at Microsoft at MIX11 next week, fair?

Source: Windows Phone Italy (1), (2); Picture via 'huggye'; via Pocketnow