Microsoft held a contest recently for new and independent student developers to submit applications for Windows Phone 7. Dubbed the "Rockstar" award, it was to be a part of the Imagine Cup competition.

Today, they announced the winners out of the 131 teams who participated. Unfortunately, they just have screen shots of the apps and games so it's hard to get excited over these, but still, a big congrats to all the students who participated and were singled out for excellence.

The "Rockstar" main award went for a game called "Droid" (seen above) built by a team of 2 from the Advanced Technology Academy here in the U.S. They walk away with $8,000 and free WP7 phones--not too shabby! The game "...leveraged the use of the accelerometer on the device unlike any other app we’ve seen." Sounds good to us.

Other runners up, some seen below, included programs for a comic book reader, scavenger, task manager, price check, travel trails, restaurant finder, weather, trivia quiz, health fitness and more.

[via Windows Team Blog]