It's not that we think Windows Phone 7 is broken.  But with the first update due sometime in Januaryish of 2011 if you could bend the ear of Microsoft Developers on what needs fixing, what would you suggest? member Thanos911 has started a discussion on this very topic going in the WPCentral Forums. Just to highlight a few of the suggestions already tendered:

  • "There is no way to configure advanced email settings such as ports. You can specify SSL, but no way to specify non-standard ports that I have been able to figure out."
  • "SkyDrive documents aren’t readily accessible through the office hub. You can go through the internet, log into SkyDrive, and then open up a document, but why the extra step?"
  • "Universal Inbox or quick email switching. At least having the option to consolidate all your emails under one area, or a way to switch between accounts would be a plus."

We all have our thoughts on how Windows Phone 7 could improve with the first update. Cut/Paste is probably the most common addition requested. Custom Ringtones or expand the list of what can be assigned an alert. We've also seen a few requests for screen captures to allow users to show off their new phone or application.

We've already asked you what your impressions are of Windows Phone 7 after having it for thirty days, but what do you think needs to be fixed? What's not working just right that could benefit from an update?

Head on over to the forums and share your thoughts on the subject in this discussion. We'll sticky it up to the top to make it more visible. Who knows who might see it.