During last month's Microsoft's DevDays in The Hague, Charlie Kindel, a Windows Phone 7 Development Team member, sat down with Tweakers.net and discussed, in part, future features for Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft expects to deliver them.

Kindel stated that the initial release of Windows Phone 7 will not be feature complete, leaving the door open to additional features that will be added once they are properly functional.  Kindel stated that, "This is a change from earlier Windows Mobile versions, where we strove for as much possible functionality. Now, some things are missing at launch but the important thing for us is user experience. Everything must work equally well for the unit to work properly. Then we will look at how we can extend that functionality."

We can expect future features from Microsoft as they build upon the initial release (which, according to Kindel, is still on track for this Fall).  The one "future feature" mentioned in the interview was the ability to extend (or add) the hubs within Windows Phone 7.

Another highlight from the interview was that Microsoft s intending to release updates and "future features" for Windows Phone 7 directly. Kindel stated, "We want everyone on the same version of the OS." He continued, "Updates will be available through the Zune desktop or over the air." Larger updates would be handled through the Zune software while minor updates would be handled OTA. With Microsoft having more direct control over the update process, it will be interesting to see if updates and fixes are more timely.

[via: wmpoweruser.com]